Welcome to Forensic Microscope

A Forensic Microscope is a device that is used when there is a forensic examination on fibers, tool marks, hairs, body fluid sample, skin cells, fingerprints, paint chips, soil and plant matter, ink and all other small evidences.

Microscopy and forensic science are two different studies but they can still be interrelated to benefit one another. Forensic science deals with the use systematic procedure and science itself to answer the doubts in regards to legal substances. Forensic evidence is anything that you can show in the court to prove that a person is innocent or guilty. Forensic science used a forensic comparison equipment for various applications such as forensic documentation, forensic entomology, fire, crime scene auto theft and arson investigation.

Microscopy on the other hand, is named after microscope that is an apparatus and is being widely use on several field of science. Forensic microscopy then is refer to us the study of forensic science with the use of microscopes.

Forensic microscope is mainly used by forensic science experts to help them with their crime investigations. It has the ability to identify and compare the proofs collected to justify that a victim, suspect or the place of crime had contact on each other. It is a valuable tool for investigators in tracing evidences that are often small and cannot be seen with the human eye.

This type of microscope also work on forensic ballistics which is the study of criminal law and answering technological questions arising while the investigation of crime is in process. This study is on the objects like handguns, ammunition, bullet holes and traces of a close shot, thermal effect of powder gases.

Forensic ballistics used to identify the model and type of firearm used. This is where the use of forensic microscope takes place, it allows the investigators to compare the bullets that are fired and also the cartridge cases that were recover from the crime scene.

Nowadays, forensic microscopy become an exciting field for many forensic science experts, investigators, the law, and the criminology students. Nevertheless the most important purpose of forensic microscope is to help investigators to resolve crime cases and contributes to the accuracy of judgements.